Achieve Savings Goals with Flexiwage

Flexiwage empowers employees to learn to save, budget and teach themselves positive spending habits, through it's smart, intuitive platform.

How it works

Savings tracker - Set goals, like €1k for holidays in July, and automatically transfer the savings at the point of being paid. If you miss a payment, see what is needed for the following months to still achieve the goal.

Flexiwage allows savings to be taken at source, so that it goes to your Credit Union, Savings, Mortgage account, etc. By removing the money at source, it enables life changing financial savings for employees.

Meet Mary

Each Christmas Mary ended up putting the family in debt. The cost of Christmas, the presents and the social life meant that the family were unable to shop in January. This put immense pressure on the family. As Mary said, managing 2-3 days without funds is doable, but 2-3 weeks in January is a real problem.

Mary set up a £1200 savings goal for Christmas with Flexiwage. This meant she saved £100 per month, from her wages. She missed July, when they went on holidays, and Flexiwage notified her of this, and allowed her to increase the savings to £120 from August to December.

Christmas 2019 was the first year Mary and her family of 4 didn't end up in debt, and hungry in January.