Case Study
“Every employee has great things to say about Flexiwage, since we introduced the solution our employees are a lot happier and it removes the need for pay advances while offering the business the efficiency gains we were seeking - so it’s a win/win for our business."
Right Price Tiles
The Challenge: The characteristics of the workforce are broad and as a result the financial requirements of their employees vary. They had 3 key challenges to solve:
Consolidation As an industry leader Right Price Tiles are always looking for opportunities to improve business efficiency, with a goal to consolidate pay cycles from fortnightly to monthly.
Remove pay advances Managers noticed a consistent request from employees for pay advances.
Engagement The workforce is constantly evolving: more and more digital native employees are entering their business. In order to engage, attract and retain talent, digital solutions that give new and prospective employees flexibility and control over their financial health is key.
Increased Employee Productivity and Engagement
Improved the financial health of employees
Removed the need to provide pay advances
Reduced the cost of payroll administration by 50%
The Solution
By implementing the market leading financial wellness solution from Flexiwage, Right Price Tiles have...